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Josie in Rotterdam

Hi, thanks so much for visiting Daydreamer Style! I’m Josie. Welcome to my cozy little home in the blogosphere where I hope to share my obsession love for shoes, fashion, baking, cocktail making, wine sipping and more.

I’m a 70s baby born in Southern California and Mawma (that’s what my oldest calls me) to three strappingly handsome and charming young men.

At the age of 10, my mother decided it was best if I was sent to Mexico to continue my education so I could learn how to read and write Spanish properly. My Cuban father with the biggest heart known to mankind, of course, obliged.

My love for fashion goes back as long as I can remember.  Some might say I have the worst memory ever and therefor yield the previous statement a moot point. Trust me, I have proof…

Josie in Maeva Manzanillo

My 80s Club Maeva Manzanillo Resort Fashion Feels… (most likely paired with some kick-a** jelly shoes – but, I don’t remember exactly haha).

I really hope you stick around.  I promise, it only gets better from here LOL. x -j