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27 Jul


aperol sangria spritzer

The Aperol sangria spritzer I’m sharing with you today came about from my love for the OG and very popular Italian aperitif, the Aperol spritz.

When coming up with this recipe I was curious to find out what the difference between a spritz and a spritzer was, if any. In case you find yourself wondering the same, let me share my findings.

It turns out a traditional spritz is made with prosecco, a bitter of choice, usually Aperol, Cynar, or Campari and a splash of sparkling water.

Then we have the spritzer, a more basic version of a spritz. Which consists of wine and seltzer water. Unlike the spritz, a spritzer gets it’s bubbles from the non-alcoholic ingredient, seltzer water.

Now let me share how this drink came about…

About a week ago my boyfriend went on a Costco run and came home with a magnum bottle of Kirkland sangria, which for $7 a bottle it’s hard to pass up.

As soon as I saw that huge bottle of sangria I thought, I need to come up with a cocktail that would be great for summer parties with it.

There you have it, an inexpensive, crowd-pleasing, light and refreshing cocktail, perfect for your summer entertaining.

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Aperol Sangria Spritzer
  1. Add ice to a wine glass, pour in sangria, Aperol, and splash of sparkling water.
  2. Stir and top with an orange slice.

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