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29 Jan


Prada black patent leather heels

It is never too late… Those are some pretty powerful words—aren’t they? Here you have this daydreamer who has decided it is the year to re-join the blogging world after taking close to a four-year hiatus and almost giving it up altogether.

My writing may be a little rusty, my figure may be a little more round… (hey, we are still holiday recuperating over here) it doesn’t matter. I’ve missed having the hobby that challenged my creativity and allowed me to share with you my crazy cocktail concoctions, macaron making adventures, and so much more. I hope you stick around as I share my love for fashion, obsession with shoes, in addition to my adventures in desserts and cocktail making.

black ann taylor loft blouse


It wasn’t until a few days before my 40th birthday that I bought myself the beauties you see above, classic black patent leather Prada pumps. My very first pair of designer pumps.

They were totally meant to be mine, you see; I didn’t buy them online, nor did I take a trip to South Coast Plaza (the closest Prada brick and mortar to where I live). I happened to be browsing around for blog props at T.J. Max during my lunch hour when I spotted them.

What are the odds!?! The only pair and in my size! I seriously thought to myself, is this for real? What the heck are these beauties doing on this shelve in this store? I quickly looked around and asked myself for the second time, is this really happening? I immediately grabbed them off the shelf and proceeded to try them on. Let’s all sigh and take this moment in… as I did.

As you can imagine, after trying them on—and feeling like a boss babe. I did what any other shoe loving girl would do, I immediately placed them in my empty cart (so much for prop shopping), put my shoes back on and ran to the register with them.


blanknyc army green moto pants


I’ve always loved fashion and dressing up. Even though for the entirety of my career as a Software Engineer the dress code has been casual; I did me, and dressed up anyway. In the beginning, I would constantly get asked if I had an interview. After a while of saying ‘no, I just felt like dressing up’ everyone got the point.


black ann taylor blouse


Most of the time I think we fool ourselves into believing it is too late, we shrug our shoulders, sigh, and just like that give up on our hopes and dreams.

Well, this daydreamer is asking you to keep on dreaming, and dream big, because IT IS NEVER TOO LATE!


blouse Ann Taylor Loft | pants Blank NYC | shoes Prada | watch Apple


So let’s do this! Thanks so much for reading! x -j

  • Adrian Shutes

    I look forward to seeing the world through the eyes of a beautiful daydreamer 😁

    January 29, 2018 at 7:06 pm Reply

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